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Finding Lost Memory Objects

  • You know how it is. You walk into the house, set down your books, or your keys, take a shower or whatever, the next thing you know, you cannot find the stuff you kept down. You just cannot remember where you kept it.

    Its easy enough to see why this happens. When you set something down, you are not trying to remember where you put it. You are not making the slightest effort to encode. If you read this far, you will know that it is death on wheels when it comes to trying to remember.

    What exactly scientists have discovered is that hypnosis can usually persuade you to remember where you said something down. Since you probably do not have a good hypnotist handy, its useful to know you can manage without one.

    The trick is to do to yourself what a hypnotist would do to you if he or she was there:

                The first step is to relax. Sure you are uptight about losing your keys, but you are not going to find them by running around like a horse without a head. So sit or lay down comfortably and relax.

                When you have got rid of the tension, visualize. Visualize, in detail, exactly what you were doing when you lost the object. Do not concentrate on the object that will lock you up. Concentrate instead on remembering in as much detail as you possibly can, exactly what you were doing between the time last you had the object and the time you realize that it was missing.

                Visualization drags up the memory of what happened. Everything you do, everything you see and experience is automatically stored in your memory, it does not fade, does not vanish. So you misplace something, the trick is to pull out the memory of when and where u set it down. Relaxing combined with sequential visualization helps you.


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