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Benefits of amla for hair growth

  • Benefits of amla for hair growth

    Who does not want their locks or strands to be delicious & long? We all do. Shiny, long & strong hair like in those shampoo commercials are dream for all women. One of the secret routes to that method is the Indian Gooseberry or amla as well it is known in India. Amla is just not the fruit or a preserved friend that makes the main course delicious, it is also one of the recipe to getting those long locks back. On a regular basis, we lose lot of hair due to many factors that we might not even realize. Hair Stress is a common occurrence occurs when hair is exposed to many unavoidable factors such as pollution, shampooing & occasional heat treatments & one of the most recommended methods to revitalize the hair is by amla.

    if looking for a natural & fast hair growth tips, then amla is one that you should most absolutely consider. Below mentioned are some of the reasons.

    It is a known fact that massaging the scalp enhances the blood circulation but massaging the hair scalp with amla oil has many added benefits. Not only does it help in blood circulation, amla oil is known to remove the unwanted flecks off the scalp. It also helps in opening of pores thereby giving room to the scalp to produce the natural oils. This promotes the hair regrowth.

    One of the main reasons for hair breakage is deficiency of the vitamin C & one of the easiest method to refill vitamin C back into system is by amla for it is highly rich in the Vitamin C.

    Along with the vitamin C, amla is also very rich in the antioxidants. Antioxidants carry out anti-ageing methods which can prevent hair from premature graying.

    Applying amla oil & amla hair pack on tips of hair condition hair to the great level there by preventing the split ends.

    Given that the Amla has a plethora of antiviral & antimicrobial properties, it helps for prevention of the rheumatoid arthritis & osteoporosis, along with being effectual against some cancers. It also is known to lessen the severity of pancreatitis, renal disease along with diabetes.


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