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Jakarta Unique Restaurants That Make You Feel Through

  • July 17, 2020
    At present the restaurant is not only the food menu sought by visitors, but also the atmosphere and design of the restaurant itself. In addition to being able to warm the atmosphere to gather with the closest people, the event to take pictures as attractive as possible is also a hobby of the community. Therefore, restaurants increasingly competing to beautify themselves with various decorations.

    Modern, minimalist, vintage, industrial, even classic are now the leading concepts of restaurants in Jakarta. But talking about vintage and classic, restaurant that has historical value is the champion.

    1. Café Batavia

    The café, which serves a variety of international menus, is quite famous because of its location in the Old Town Area of ​​Jakarta. The nuances that bring visitors as if returning to the Dutch colonial era. Built in 1850, it was originally a VOC administration office. Then through Frenchmen, the function was changed to an art gallery, and it was only in 1993 that this building was open in general to be used as a cafe by men from Germany.

    1. Waroeng Shanghai Blue 1920

    This stall is full of historical value. Starting from Chan Mo San, the son of a Chinese sailor who was in Batavia waters married a native Betawi woman Siti Zaenab. They started a small, simple warung in Sunda Kelapa. This stall is known as Shanghai Tea House. Later, this place developed into a popular place frequented by sailors from different origins who stopped at Sunda Kelapa, who spent the night dancing with local women at this Shanghai Tea House.

    Years later this shop was finally closed, from where all the building elements and contents were stored in a warehouse in the Old City of Jakarta. But by a restaurant developer in Jakarta, this shop was reopened with variations of Chinese food to revive the lives of Batavia in the past.


    1. Meradelima Restaurant

    Taken from the name of a typical Indonesian fruit, this Peranakan concept restaurant is located in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. Featuring artistic and elegant details on the interior, with Chinese peranakan food, this restaurant has become an icon of eating places in Jakarta. Buffet is also available based on visitor's request, very suitable for families.

    1. The Kunstkring Paleis Monument

    Occupying a historical building that originally functioned as a Dutch East Indies art gallery in 1914, featured the work of world-class artists Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Marc Chagall and the like. One wing of this building also houses a very popular cafe that sells delicious food and wine, known as Stam en Weynes.

    But only in 2013, the café was opened under the name Tugu Kunstkring Paleis. By not changing the architectural side of a beautiful building, Tugu has breathed new life into the building through a magnificent interior, filling it with a collection of beautiful works of art. The food menu is very varied, ranging from typical Indonesian, western, and peranakan.

    1. Lara Djoggrang

    Located in Menteng, Central Jakarta, this authentic restaurant is housed in a Dutch heritage home, with all its antique characteristics and atmosphere still attached. The menu of the cuisine was inspired by the royal journey through the coastal regions of Indonesia during the time of King Hayam Wuruk, who held the rule of the Majapahit Kingdom in the early 14th century. Mixed with mystical and romantic atmosphere, visitors are taken to leave the world today, revive, and pride themselves on the beauty of ancient Indonesian history.

    1. Elite Babah Houses

    The restaurant is filled with a collection of works of art from the owner. Located in Gambir, Central Jakarta, this restaurant is designed with the feel of the early 20th century in Java. Reflected by equipment such as reclaimed teak furniture, rough household appliances (scales, meat grinders, pestle and mortar), and Hap Liong Tailor nameplate adverts, the original tenant of the shop.

    The rooms are painted in thick pastel-crayon combinations, while stone statues of Chinese, Hindu, and Buddhist gods smile at visitors. What is special about this restaurant is the holding of the Imperial Tea Ceremony for the Imperial Concubine's Last Concubine. Not only tea is typical here, but a fusion of menus from Javanese, Dutch and Chinese is also available.

    Well, that's the six restaurants in Jakarta that are very unique and you must visit. Not only the tongue is spoiled, but also the experience and sensation that will continue to grow, feel the nuances of Batavia's flashback doesn't hurt right?
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