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  • Nitesh Kumar With the onset of Navratra, our religious and devotional side gets lighted up but some of us feel very restricted as to what to eat and what not to eat during the fasts. Not just the people who fast in navratras feel this restriction, but the people who do not fast also feel the restriction in terms of no non-veg, onion, garlic etc. Here are 12 best low fat healthy food options to eat during Navratri fasts to lose weight and stay on diet. Such as: Aloo Chaat for Navratri, Kuttu Ka Atta during Fasting, Tomato Soup as Navratri Snack, Suhang Ke Chawal ka Uttapam/Idli for Diet, Paneer Tikka for Navratri Cravings, Makhanas for Weight Loss, Fruit Yoghurt as Navratri dessert, Milk Shakes for Hunger Pangs, Baked Sabut Dana Tikki for Weight Loss, Sabut Dana Khichidi for Navratra Diet, Kadhi Chawal for Dinner, Suhang ke Chawal ka Pulao for Navratri Dandiya Night,
    Feb 3

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