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    RuneScape osrs and RS3 are massive games the number of OSRS buy gold gamers dwarf many AAA titles that come out osrs has content updates that often it's really tough to envision it dying anytime soon so I can't see how nerd slayer can tease this. Tbh it's not that big of a deal. Do you care some player x has 120 or 99 ever? The answer is if you grind your
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    Dofus require a Whole class rework and also a pvp / pve separet

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    Ok so at current state of cheap Dofus Kamas every course do everything, everione has a fantastic map control, everybody has damage that is good, everyone can have 5k Vit linoleic. My ideia: Define each class function and cap its vit / resists so that we dont have a osa / enu wich are damage dealers / suports with Complete resists and 5k Vit. And finally ankam
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