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Six homemade honey packs to nourish skin and hair

  • Six homemade honey packs to nourish skin and hair

    Honey is enormously nourishing and can be used by many people of all skin types. It has number of benefits for the face, body and hair. It not only nourishes but also has the anti bacterial and hydrating properties. All require to do is apply it well and gather in its benefits. Here are top six homemade honey packs to noursh skin and hair.

    To add shine to hair: Massage the hair with a mixture of olive oil and honey. Keep it on for about 30 minutes before you rinse it off with the mild shampoo.

    To soothe burn marks: Simply apply raw honey to burn mark as it will heal it faster due to its anti-bacterial properties. It would also prevent the further scarring. Make sure you clean area before applying honey on it.

    To lighten tanning and dark spots: Mix the honey and lemon juice in an equal quantities and then apply on the tanned skin. Let it stay for about 15 minutes before washing the area with a plain water. Do this at night or apply the sunscreen liberally after this pack if it is daytime.

    For glowing, flawless skin: Take tsp of honey and mix it with milk cream for dry, sensitive skin or gram flour for oily, normal skin. Apply this pack on the face and leave it to dry. Then rinse off with the plain water.

    To reduce pimples: Mix honey and cinnamon powder and then wipe it on pimple. Let it stay overnight and then rinse off next morning. Does this every night till pimple vanish?

    To soften rough elbows and knees: Mix curd or an almond oil with the honey and apply it on the knees and elbows. Let the pack stay for about 10 minutes and then rinse off with the warm water. Apply a moisturiser post pack. This may lock in its effects.



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    timir patel nice
    July 14, 2015
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    chitan patel Gud.
    July 14, 2015
  • Kane Hood
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    December 20, 2017

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