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Four pudina or mint face packs for glowing, soft, acne-free ski

  • Four pudina or mint face packs for glowing, soft, acne-free skin

    Pudina or Mint is refreshing and soothing ingredient for skin. It comes with an outstanding properties that make it one of the best herbs used for the skincare. It is an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory in nature. Pudina or mint is hence natural cleanser for the skin irritation, acne, blemishes and severe skin diseases. This strong and cooling herb comes with the high contents of vitamin A, salicylic acid and antioxidants that make it an ideal pick for the skincare face packs. Here is how one can use mint to the benefit:

    Mint and cucumber to beat the sunburns and tan

    Mint contains vitamin A and C with an omega-3 fatty acids, which help to against the sunburns and suntan. Like mint, cucumber is also packed with an antioxidants and helps to revitalise skin, heal the skin burns and tanned skin better. Both these ingredients make for relieving the facial pack.


    • Take ½ cup of sliced cucumber with ¼ cup of chopped mint leaves and blend them together.
    • Once get fine paste of the two, apply it gently onto the face leaving the area around the eyes.
    • Keep it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off with the cold water.


    Mint and fullers earth or multani mitti for an oily skin

    Mint contains a menthol, that is why it cuts down secretion of oil from the sebaceous gland, making the skin less oily. Similarly, due to presence of magnesium, fullers earth is great for an acne free skin and deep cleanses the skin’s surface, eliminating the dead skin cells. Hence, mint and fullers earth are complementing ingredients and help to clear the skin. Want to manage oily skin better? Follow these easy tips.



    • Crush few mint leaves and add one tbsp of fullers earth. Mix these into the fine paste.
    • You can also add rosewater to this, if you prefer.
    • Apply this paste all over your face and neck.
    • Wash it off thoroughly within the 20 minutes.

    Mint leaves with rosewater for acne

    Mint, usually present in the face washes and creams, is meant to resolve acne. It is hence an effective remedy to release the skin from the stubborn blemishes and acne as it contains the salicylic acid. Another natural harsh, rosewater, also gives the relief from acne. Rosewater is frequently used to tackle the skin problems like acne, eczema and dermatitis. A few drops of rosewater is adequate to leave the skin well-hydrated and moisturised. Want some more easy herbal remedies to get rid of pimples.


    • Take few mint leaves, some rose water and grind them to form smooth paste.
    • Apply the mix onto an affected area.
    • Wash off after 10 minutes (one can also leave this overnight).


    Mint, milk, honey, oats and cucumber moisturising skin scrub


    Honey is natural humectant and deep cleanses clogged pores due to enzymes present in it. It keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. Another crucial ingredient, milk, helps to improve the complexion, soothes skin irritation, removes dead skin cells and contributes along with the honey for radiant looking skin. Oats is added to this face pack as it acts as the moisturising scrubber for dry, flaky skin and cleanses the dirt and oil from the pores. Cucumber, as we all know, is soothing and eliminates the skin irritation instantly. If you are looking for natural moisturiser and cleanser, know how to make one here.



    • Take one tbsp oats, two tbsp milk powder in bowl and add ½ tbsp honey, grated cucumber with around ten crushed mint leaves to it.
    • Mix the ingredients into the fine consistency.
    • Apply the mixture on the face thoroughly in circular motions and leave it for not more than 5 to 7 minutes.
    • Apart from this, one can make use of rosewater for all skin types and common skin problems as well.




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